Traditional Coils

Traditional Coils are Good; "Upgraded" Coils are Better!

Traditional innerspring construction

Traditional innerspring construction

Traditional coils are simple and inexpensive

Most mattresses in the world have traditional coils, so they've stood the test of time over decades of use in literally hundreds of millions of homes around the world.

We put our traditional coil system against any other on the market.

They’re the same high-quality coil units used in top branded models, featuring "zoned" construction for extra lumbar support, reinforced edges, and a full 10-year warranty.

Upgraded traditional coils will last longer, and offer better performance in several important ways.

  1. The upgraded coil system includes "Surround Support," a foam perimeter allowing you to sleep edge-to-edge using the entire surface.
  2. There are more coils in the upgraded system, and they’re packed tighter, providing longer-lasting support.
  3. The upgraded coil system is "zoned" too, so the coils are closer together in the middle, where you need them most for optimal lumbar support.
  4. The upgraded coil system uses a softer gauge of steel in the middle zone, providing more "give" on each coil, for a more comfortable and forgiving feel.