Available with All White Glove Deliveries


If you have an old mattress you want taken away, please select that option during checkout under the "Shipping Method" pulldown.

There is a $75 fee per mattress or set.

Some people ask why removal is not included. We offer removal and disposal as a convenience for customers who want it. However, many customers have other ways to dispose of their old mattress, move them to other rooms, or pass them to friends and family. In an effort to keep our prices as sharp as possible, we do not pass along any removal costs for customers who do not need removal services.

Professional removal does have associated costs, especially to reduce the environmental impact. For starters, old mattresses must be handled carefully to reduce the risk of contamination by insects or mold. They also take up space in the truck, and often have to be unloaded and reloaded at each stop, creating additional work for the driver.

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We Promote Responsible Disposal

Too many old mattresses end up in landfills, contributing to a national environmental problem. We try to minimize the impact on the environment by recycling and reducing the final material load. After removal, our mattresses have the fabric stripped off, the metal coils recycled, and the wooden rails salvaged if they can be.