Bedtime Story: The Birthday Gift

Kristin from New Hampshire

Mattress Review: Kristin"Two thumbs up! The mattress is beautiful, it looks perfect, and it's extremely comfortable. I'm so glad we made this investment."

Kristin's Mattress: Innerspring with plush surface and memory foam "We put her old mattress on the floor next to the new one for a while, and laying on both, I was mortified by how bad it was in comparison. I'm glad we went with the plush with the memory foam. I don't think she's moved in her sleep at all since it arrived. Believe it or not, while her friends asked for fancy phones and clothes, my teenager asked for a new mattress for her birthday."

"Delivery was astoundingly easy. They were very courteous, and very flexible. The guy walked in the door with the mattress in one hand, I guess he'd done this a time or two before."

"The only problem I have now is two sisters both want new mattresses too!"

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