Bedtime Story: Heavenly Beach House

Jon from Rhode Island

Mattress Review: Jon"This summer we found our dream beach house, and had to scramble to get it ready in just a few weeks."

Traditional coils with surround support, memory foam, latex, (Bad Back Package) and a firm surface"It was completely unfurnished, and there were renters coming the day of the closing. We needed good quality mattresses, and they had to be delivered on time. I found Create-A-Mattress on Google, and they completely blew me away. We got the whole package - mattresses, box springs, frames, mattress pads, and even pillows.

The communication was great, they kept me posted on the timing, and the day of delivery, they were right there. The custom labels are great because we named each guest mattress after a local beach ('Lighthouse,' 'Monomoy,' etc), so when my wife and I talk about things we need for the various bedrooms, there's no confusion."

"Best of all, the mattresses are even better than we expected. We got the 'Bad Back' package for the master bedroom, and we like it so much, we ordered another one for our year-round house."

"Great company, great products, great prices, and great service!"

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