Bedtime Story: The Surprise

Jim from Wisconsin

Mattress Review: Jim"The mattress is extremely comfortable. Both my wife and I are incredibly happy! "

Jim's Mattress: 13-inch memory foam

"My wife was away on a business trip when I read about your company in CNN/ I really wanted to surprise her when she got back with a comfortable new memory foam mattress."

"Firstly, I wanted to say that the mattress was packed very well. I was incredibly impressed by the speed the mattress re-inflated once it was opened. I expected hours and it was only minutes."

"It's actually quite amusing to tell people that we purchased our mattress online as it's just not one of those products that people associate with being able to purchase through that method. So, everything is great and once again thank you for the great customer service. It is much appreciated. If you need a reference or testimonial just let me know."

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