Bedtime Story: Majoring in Good Night Sleep

Ira and his Daughter Julia from California

Mattress Review: Ira+Julia"Create-A-Mattress was a pleasure to deal with. My daughter was in need of mattress for a new apartment in LA. Create-A-Mattress did a great job of getting it delivered at a time that fit her schedule. The mattress has been terrific and the company was incredibly responsive."

Julia's Mattress: Traditional coil pillowtop mattress set"Create-A-Mattress was good enough to call my daughter to let her know delivery was going to be delayed out in LA and offered to pay for inflatable mattress, as she will have nothing to sleep on until it arrives. Nice touch. Probably the last time in her life she will get such personal attention from a company!"

"This is a brutal economy to start a new business, but this one seems like a great idea."

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