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Apartment Therapy Rates Create-A-Mattress "Strong Recommend"

Strong Recommend Mattress RatingRead the editor's mattress rating of Create-A-Mattress and learn why we earned a "Strong Recommend" from style website Apartment Therapy. When you read what the rating experts say, the mattress details, terms, and product attributes, you’ll agree that nobody rates higher than Create-A-Mattress.

Create-A-Mattress earns 'Strong Recommend' from Apartment Therapy

The Apartment Therapy editor's rating begins by describing Create-A-Mattress as "...An online mattress customization and ordering service that takes mattress shopping to another level thanks to a bevvy of customization options..."

The rating continues by asking "So how does it feel?...Each following night, I've woken up without any soreness that previously ailed me prior to introduction of this bed."

Strong Recommend Mattress Rating

"Construction and finish meets or exceeds the quality of any other coiled mattress we've tested; no squeaks and the mattress supports the two of us equally on both sides without any unwelcome sinking...and, yes, if you must know, the mattress is plenty comfortable for other non-sleeping activities..."

"Ordering anything virtually without trying it is always a bit of a risk, but we're pleased with our experience with Create-A-Mattress service and product."