Mattress Delivery Tips

Advice for a Smooth Delivery

White glove delivery

To provide you with the best possible delivery service, Create-A-Mattress has partnered with the nation's highest-rated home delivery companies to provide nationwide "White Glove" delivery.

To ensure your delivery goes smoothly, we offer the following delivery tips:

  1. Make sure your old mattress is removed from the frame in advance of your scheduled delivery.
  2. Make sure all other furniture and/or fragile items are out of the way, leaving a clear path from the entry to the bedroom.
  3. Give the dispatcher a nearby landmark, and if your address might not display on GPS, please provide a nearby intersection or other reference point that will avoid delays.
  4. Keep the dispatch office phone number (877-903-0636) with you on the day of your scheduled delivery, to keep communication open in the event of any last-minute timing issues.
  5. If you have purchased removal of an old mattress or set, one item will be removed for each item being delivered, and drivers reserve the right to refuse to remove a mattress that appears to be unsanitary.
  6. Remember some accessories including adjustable power bases will be shipped separately from your mattress.
  7. Please be patient and forgiving. Drivers make every effort to be punctual and efficient with their delivery routes, and are expected to keep in communication with customers in the event of any delays. Of course, unexpected weather and traffic delays are beyond anyone's control.
  8. A smile and a glass of cold water on a hot day will make for a smooth and uneventful delivery experience.
  9. Gratuities are appreciated but not required.

If you feel your delivery did not meet your expectations, please let us know by calling 1-888-41-CREATE (888-412-7328) or feedback(at)