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Why is it important to buy American mattresses made in the USA? You’ve probably seen wide price differences for mattresses, especially memory foam, and wondered why there are there such big gaps.

The biggest reason is foreign manufacturing (mostly Chinese).

Historically, mattresses were too heavy and bulky to import at competitive prices. Recent manufacturing advances have allowed some products, especially memory foam, to be compressed and vacuum-sealed which allows them to be made in China and shipped by enormous container loads.

However, consider this, and look for products made in the USA:

  1. According to the Washington Post, in just four months during 2007, the US government caught 298 shipments of tainted products from China headed for the American market.
  2. 107 of these seized shipments were food products, contaminated with illegal pesticides, dangerous bacteria, banned antibiotics, and cancer-causing chemicals.
  3. Other tainted items included counterfeit medicines, toxic cosmetics, and (famously) children’s toys laden with lead.
  4. In September, 2008, Chinese milk products were tainted with melamine, an industrial chemical. Six infants were killed and 300,000 people worldwide were sickened by over 800 tons of tainted milk. A court determined that it was deliberate; 22 different factories added melamine to milk to give the appearance of higher protein levels.
  5. In June, 2012, yet another batch of Chinese milk was tainted with lye, forcing the factory to recall the shipments.
  6. In January of 2010, Yahoo reported children’s jewelry was tainted with alarmingly high levels of cadmium, a dangerous heavy metal that can cause cancer and hinder brain development in children.

And that’s just the stuff that was caught! Imagine how many other tainted products passed through lax inspections. In terms of mattresses, industry insiders talk about Chinese-made memory foam containing lead and stone dust to give the appearance of higher weight, which commands a higher price. And consumers frequently complain about strong odors and oily residues of unknown origin.

So ask yourself if you want to spend 1/3 of your life with your body pressed against a Chinese-made mattress that comes from a place that’s willing to poison its own babies for profit.

100% Made in the USA

made in the USAAll Create-A-Mattress mattresses, including our memory foam mattresses, are made in the USA from materials that were also made in the USA.

Buying American does more than ensure product quality, regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other regulatory agencies. Your purchase also provides jobs for American factory workers, American truckers, and American retailers.

Even if you don’t buy from us, we ask you to buy only American products made in the USA, both for your own protection, and for the benefit of the American economy.