Made in Brand Name Factory

Brand Name Quality with a Discount Price!

Brand name quality Discount priceWhat does "Made in the Same Factory as a Famous 'S Brand'" mean? Create-A-Mattress products are made by a major manufacturer, offering the finest quality without the brand name label - or price.

What's an "S Brand"? The major mattress brand names all begin with the letter 'S' (eg: Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Spring Air, Stearns & Foster, etc). In the business, they're called the "S Brands."

We have a contract with one of these major "S Brand" factories to produce individual orders for customers.* While we don’t like secrets, the manufacturer will not allow us to disclose which brand it is. If you purchase, the manufacturer will be disclosed on the warranty card and the law tag attached to the mattress.

While others have also advertised that their products are “Made in the same factory,” what’s important is that Create-A-Mattress uses all of the same high quality materials and standards as their branded counterparts, with absolutely no cutting corners. (The others can't say that!)

At Create-A-Mattress, you really are getting brand name quality without the brand name label or the brand name price.

*Innerspring mattresses