Honest Answers to Your Mattress Questions

100 Percent or 100 Bucks

innerspring   with latex pillowtopShoppers complain there are few honest people in the mattress industry. Sadly, they’re right.

Most large mattress retailers have unflattering records with the Better Business Bureau. Some have paid large fines to settle legal actions for deceptive practices. See for yourself at bbb.org (choose the "Phone, URL, Email" tab to quickly find the headquarters).

Especially in this tough economy, salespeople are tempted to say just about anything to get a sale.

Deceptions commonly fall into three categories:

phony mattress store salesAdvertising claims – Commercials promoting big "sales" push the envelope of what’s legally allowed, and often visit the wrong side of the line. For more details on how to debunk these sale offers, read our guide "10 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off at the Chain Store."

phony low-price claims Low-Price Guarantees – The most common marketing claim in the mattress industry is the low-price guarantee. Whenever you see this, you should be very skeptical. They’re playing word games, because every store gets a different name for the same item. Therefore, each store’s price is both the lowest and the highest for each item they sell, because they’re the only ones selling that item at any price.

phony low-price claims Everything else – The array of fabrications and half-truths heard in mattress stores is astonishingly broad. Ultimately, consumers have no way to verify what they’re told. You can’t "open the hood" on a mattress and see any of the components. Nor can you look it up online. Salespeople know you have no way to verify what they say, so the temptation to stretch, or even fabricate, the truth is very strong.

At Create-A-Mattress, we try to give you the most accurate information as best we know it, even if it leads you away from a purchase. And we put it all in writing right here on our web site, so if any of our suppliers or competitors want to challenge the information we’re providing, they’re more than welcome.

To prove our commitment to honesty, we created our "100 Percent or 100 Bucks" guarantee:

If you ever feel like any information you received from us was untrue, inaccurate, or misleading, tell me about it personally. If you’re right, I’ll refund $100 off your purchase.*

– Evan Saks, Founder

* Refund offer valid for 90 days from purchase. Offer does not apply to typographical errors.