Green, Natural, Organic Mattresses

Sleep Green.

Create-A-Mattress proudly offers 100% pure and natural Talalay Latex mattresses in addition to certified chemical free memory foams and cool gel foams. We support a variety of recent innovations in mattress production, packaging, distribution, and disposal that help our environment, including natural, organic, and Earth-friendly materials.

Certified Natural MattressCerti-PUR-US Certified, your assurance of healthy chemical-free materials and processes, adhering to the toughest requirements, and surpassing them by adhering to the toughest voluntary standards too.

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Odorless, with odor elimination technology
  • Eco-friendly processes and materials
  • Natural bamboo cover fabric
  • Natural wool FR barrier
  • Free of CFCs, PBDE, Hg, Pb, CH2O, and pthalates
  • Fast, easy, convenient delivery via Fed-Ex Ground

As a product category, mattresses are challenging from an environmental perspective. For decades they’ve been made from steel and petroleum-based foams. They’re heavy, bulky, transported by trucks, and generally discarded in landfills.

That's finally starting to change, and we're proud to be on the forefront of the green mattress movement by offering:

  • Natural Materials – Our box springs use the only structural material that is both natural and renewable: 100% real wood. Our supplier belongs to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) with proof of "chain of custody" from forest to consumer.

  • Carbon-Neutral – All of the wood that is harvested for box springs is replaced by new plantings and natural regenerations. Other wood used in shipping and production is salvaged from construction sites.

  • Vegetable Oils – Our memory foam mattresses are made using natural castor oil or soybean oil instead of petroleum, reducing the demand on imported fossil fuels and the pollution, as well as stabilizing supply prices.

  • Bamboo Covers – Our memory foam mattresses have covers made from 100% bamboo fibers, a natural, plentiful, and fast-growing material.

  • Organic Cotton – We offer latex mattresses with organic cotton covers, for the best combination of natural materials from top to bottom.

  • Chemical-Free – Many items are certified chemical-free, with natural wool safety barriers.

  • Disposal – Old mattresses removed from customer homes are recycled; the fabric is stripped, the wood is reused, and the metal springs are melted and recycled.

  • Compression-Packing – Our memory foam mattresses and certain other products are compressed and rolled for easier shipping, requiring less space in transit, and traveling by common carrier for efficiency right to your door.

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