Frequently Asked Questions

How we do what we do

If I find a mattress I like at a store, can you make one just like it?
Yes! Hotels, too! All the major brands get their materials from the same suppliers, and use very similar production methods, so generally we can make anything you find at a store at a much lower cost. Make sure to note the brand, the model name, the price, and any important details like if it has memory foam. The more information you provide, the closer our match can be.

Will you take away my old mattress?
Yes, we will remove and responsibly dispose of your old mattress for a $75 fee. For more information about proper removal, click here. During checkout, select the option that includes removal of the old mattress. With memory foam mattresses delivered by Fed-Ex/UPS, we cannot take away the old mattress. Check your local municipality for disposal instructions in your area.

Can you make custom sizes?
Yes, it's our specialty! We make and ship custom size versions of just about any combination you see on this site. Widths are available up to 76" and lengths up to 84". We recommend measuring carefully, and rounding down odd measurements to the nearest inch. Call, chat, or email for a custom quote.

Can I get just a bunkie board?
No. Bunkie boards are available when ordered together with an innerspring mattress. Otherwise the cost of shipping is higher than the cost of the item, and we cannot send just a bunkie board.

What if I am traveling at the time of delivery?
Don't worry, nothing will be delivered until you've agreed on a convenient date and time for delivery. If you know your travel dates, please let us know and we will put it on the paperwork, and do our best to accommodate your timing. Please read the complete delivery policy. Memory foam mattresses and accessories are shipped via Fed-Ex/UPS, according to their delivery policies, whether you are home or not.

What if I just don't like the mattress?
We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and offer one FREE REPLACEMENT. Please read our satisfaction policy for details.

Can I get a two-sided mattress?
These days, all mattresses are one-sided, or "no flip." For more information, click here.

Why don't mattresses have handles on them any more?
Please read our blog post about handles.

What is a "bunkie board"?
Please read our blog post about bunkie boards, which can also be made in combination with a custom-size mattress to make a "set."

Can I get a custom size box spring to go with my custom size mattress?
No. Instead, we can make custom size bunkie boards to support custom size mattresses.

What is a low-profile box spring?
A low-profile box spring is 3" thinner than a standard box spring, to help lower the overall height of today's thicker mattress sets. For more information, click here.

What is a split box spring?
Some homes, especially in historic urban areas like Georgetown or Boston's North End, have narrow stairs, halls, doors, or other restrictions that don't allow a box spring to fit through. Mattresses are generally flexible enough to fit through, but box springs are rigid. For these cases, we offer "split" box springs, which are standard queen size box springs made in two pieces to fit easily though any tight passage. To browse queen size mattresses with split box springs, click here.

Can I get delivery faster than two weeks?
Most items take a full two weeks to make, ship, and deliver. Major chains like Macy's deliver from a local warehouse in two weeks or more; we're making them from scratch and shipping nationwide in the same time frame! Customers living in the northeast may get delivery a few days sooner. Memory foam mattresses ship via Fed-X/UPS, and generally arrive in about half the time. Please ask if you need expedited delivery, and we'll do our best!

What if I have bedbugs?
If you have bedbugs, dispose of your old mattress immediately, and call a professional exterminator to make sure you get rid of all the bugs before they infest your new mattress. Do not try to get rid of them yourself; that might make it worse. Wash all of your linens with (color-safe) bleach. If you need a temporary mattress while you're waiting for the new one to arrive, please let us know and we may be able to assist.