White Glove Delivery

Professional In-Home Mattress Delivery and Setup

White glove delivery

All coil mattress and set prices include "White Glove" delivery and setup in your home. Memory foam mattresses, gel mattresses, futons, and accessories are shipped via Fed-Ex or UPS Ground.

Please inspect your mattress immediately upon delivery, and make sure it's the right size, softness level, and there are no defects or workmanship problems.

White Glove delivery means:

  1. Two-person crews
  2. Setup in any bedroom on the first or second floor
  3. Placement of your mattress (or set) on an existing frame; please remove any old mattress from the frame prior to your scheduled delivery.
  4. If you purchased a frame from us, setup of your new frame is included
  5. Unpacking and removal of all packaging materials
  6. Your preference of available delivery dates and times
  7. Deliveries are scheduled Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, except holidays
  8. Removal with environmentally-responsible disposal of your old mattress is available when requested at the time of purchase for an additional charge of $75 per piece (memory foam, futons, and other direct-ship items excluded)

The following services are included with each White Glove delivery:

  1. Up to 20 minutes with no tools (covers box spring, and mattress, plus frame if ordered)
  2. Carrying up to 2 flights of stairs
  3. Storage-in-transit up to 14 days at no charge
  4. Delivery in a 5-hour window between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday (excluding federal and state holidays). If you need delivery outside these hours, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.
  5. 24 hour telephone notice prior to delivery.

How White Glove delivery works:

  1. 1. For most US locations, merchandise will be manufactured, shipped, and ready to deliver to your home in three weeks. For remote locations, add a week. Add extra time around federal holidays and bad weather.
  2. 2. Once the merchandise is received locally, an automated phone call will be placed to the phone number in the shipping address of your order suggesting a tentative date and time for your home delivery. The call will include instructions to confirm or reschedule the delivery date and time if necessary. It may be the night before delivery.
  3. 3. From the time of your notification call, you must schedule delivery to your home within 14 days.
  4. 4. Some locations may be serviced on specific day(s) of the week, which may affect delivery timing.
  5. 5. Alaska and Hawaii excluded. Please call to make arrangements for transportation from the closest delivery point in the contiguous "lower 48" states.

For the vast majority of deliveries (over 95%), there are no additional charges. In the remaining cases, additional charges may apply when:

  1. You're not home and ready at the confirmed time of delivery
  2. A toll road fee over $5.00 is assessed
  3. You refuse the delivery for reasons other than incorrect or defective merchandise
  4. You have an unusually long flight of outside or inside steps before reaching the "first" floor
  5. There is a long walk (over 50 yards) required between the closest place the truck can park and the entrance to your residence
  6. You live in remote locations with limited accessibility. For island residences where ferry service is required, you are responsible for arranging ferry service, along with pickup, in-home delivery, and removal/disposal on the island.

Additional terms

These policies are set by our national shipping partner and strictly enforced by contract. Please read them carefully and be prepared to meet all customer obligations. For prompt communications on delivery issues to avoid additional fees, please provide both phone and email contact information where messages are checked at least once per day.
All additional charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, whether or not they were known at the time of purchase.

Your billing and shipping address must match.

We routinely deliver to vacation homes, relatives' homes, and even homes still under construction without incident. When purchasing for delivery to an address other than the billing address on file at the credit card company, please complete and return this address authorization affirming it's at your own risk.

  1. 1. In the event you are not available to receive your merchandise within 14 days from notification, storage fees may be assessed. After 30 days, merchandise will be subject to disposal without compensation at the sole discretion of the local delivery partner.
  2. 2. In the event that you decline to accept merchandise at the time of delivery for reasons other than incorrect or defective merchandise, you may receive a reimbursement equal to 40% of the merchandise-only price (delivery fees must be paid in full), and the merchandise will be donated to a local charity.
  3. 3. In the event that nobody of legal age is home to receive delivery on the confirmed date and time, a fee of $125 will apply and your delivery will be rescheduled.
  4. 4. In the event that the home delivery is not completed during the confirmed date and time due solely to the fault of the shipping company, a new data and time will be confirmed within 3 days with no penalty to the purchaser.
  5. 5. In certain remote locations (ie: Florida Keys) additional fees may apply on a per-mile basis.
  6. 6. Any tolls or other roadway fees may be added to the delivery charge.
  7. 7. If additional labor is requested at the time of delivery (eg: moving other furniture to make room for the mattress), a minimum labor charge of $60 will apply for the first half-hour, plus $72/hour per for each additional hour.
  8. 8. All delivery rates are set based on the trucks and routes that are customary in the local area. If the delivery address requires different equipment for safety or practicality, for example an access road with a steep grade or narrow/windy curves, additional costs will be estimated based on circumstances.
  9. 9. Up to two flights of stairs are included. Additional flights of stairs are charged at $18/flight.
  10. 10. Waiting Time or Delays – Please make sure you are home and your premises are ready for delivery in advance of the scheduled time. There is no "grace period," as the drivers have tight schedules to meet other customers' appointments. In the event you are not home at the scheduled time, or there are other delays beyond the control of the delivery crew (ie: a driveway that is blocked by other vehicles), $24 will be charged for each 15-minute interval, or fraction thereof.
  11. 11. Deliveries are scheduled in 5-hour windows (on the hour) from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, excluding federal and state holidays.
  12. 12. In most locations, evening, weekend, and holiday deliveries are available for an additional fee. If you need an after-hours delivery, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.
While all Create-A-Mattress prices include delivery, the cost of delivery is substantial, and the company absorbs a portion of this charge as a courtesy to our customers. In the event a customer returns an item, or requests a replacement item, including warranty claims, at minimum, the shipper's full delivery charge of $200 will apply, plus the removal fee of $75 for a total of $275, plus additional fees if applicable based on the terms above.

For "oversize" deliveries, arrangements are made via private freight/shipment based on the specifics of the order, and a different set of policies apply.

  1. Delivery does not include any in-home services, please make arrangements to carry the goods from the truck into the home. Often a tip can be persuasive, but the drivers are not required by contract to carry any merchandise.
  2. There is little time flexibility, if any. Unlike white glove home delivery, customers must be available on the truck's schedule, and re-schedule arrangements may not be possible. In the event the customer is not available to receive delivery, additional charges will apply.
  3. Shipment "tracking" is limited, though improving. Depending on the carrier, we may not be able to determine the arrival date in advance.
  4. Oversize items are typically shipped on pallets, please make sure to inspect merchandise carefully prior to bringing it into the home, note any damages on the paperwork, ask the driver to sign, and take clear photos.

This policy was last updated on September 28, 2015