Bedtime Story: Bye-Bye Bad Back

Bruce and Bonnie from California

Mattress Review: Bruce + BonnieWe want you to know that we are discovering our 'Bad Back Package' mattress to be quite amazing."

Isolation Coil with Bad Back Package"Each morning I get out of bed with my back feeling better than the morning before. Before this mattress, it would take at least 30 painful minutes of moving around — after getting out of bed feeling like a cripple, almost immobilized — to gradually feel somewhat normal. This morning, I got out of bed and immediately walked away with almost no pain, and only a few minutes later feeling totally comfortable. I believe the added structure of the 'Bad Back Package' mattress is correcting the curve of my spine — reducing the spinal compression that has been contributing to my back pain for several years."

"I was hoping that the 'Bad Back Package' would not cause discomfort to my wife. In fact, she is very enthusiastic about the mattress comfort even though she has no back issues."

"We thank you for all of your time and knowledge that led us to such a satisfying purchase."

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