Are these really custom made mattresses?

Of course!

Isolation coils with latex and super soft pillowtop When you buy, we really do make your made-to-order custom mattress just for you, exactly the way you ordered it.  We keep no standing inventory.  And we put your name right on the label so you know it was made just for you. Whether you order a special size, or your favorite combination of materials, it's all yours.

Create-A-Mattress offers 1,000 possible combinations!

We have evaluated each combination, and determined which can move smoothly through the factory equipment, pass all legal regulations, and result in practical dimensions, so those have been tested and verified in advance for quality.

Create-A-Mattress is designed to help customers focus on the meaningful construction differences so you can make a sensible choice that’s right for you.  We expose the myths of mattress retailing and give you everything you need to make an informed choice.

What we really hope to accomplish is a different kind of shopping experience.  One where you’re in control, and you make the decisions.  One where you have access to truthful information in "bite size" pieces at the moment you need it.  One where no matter what choice you make, you will get top-quality products, as good as or better than anything you’ll find in a chain store.  Without the high-pressure store tactics.