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Feature for Feature, Dollar for Dollar, Create-A-Mattress Gives You More for Less!

Latex with plush tight topCompare mattress details, terms, and product attributes, and you’ll agree that nobody gives you more than Create-A-Mattress.

People ask all the time how our mattresses compare to the major brands.

For starters, our mattresses are made by one of the major brands to their highest specifications; there are no compromises. And, as you can see below, they're priced hundreds or even thousands of dollars lower than comparable branded models in the big stores.

Create-A- Mattress
Mattress Savings
Queen Super Pillowtop Set with Isolation Coils, Foam Encased Edges, Latex, Standard Box Spring, and 10-Year Warranty
$1,110 (46%)
+ tax
Queen Plush Set with Traditional Coils, Foam Encased Edge, Latex, Visco Memory Foam, and Standard Box Spring
$2,505 (68%)
+ tax
Queen Firm Set with Traditional Coils, Foam Encased Edges, Visco Memory Foam, Standard Box Spring, and 10-Year Warranty
+ tax
King Size 10" Medium-Firm Visco Memory foam Mattress with Microsuede Sidewalls
"Bella Fina"

+ $175 delivery
+ state tax
+ tax
* Prices before markdowns as of 11/6/10. State sales tax applies to Create-A-Mattress orders delivering in MA only.

Just as importantly, we think they're better than any other brands, and we've got research to prove it. In head-to-head comparison tests with random consumers, the Create-A-Mattress manufacturer beat all the biggest selling comparison brands for comfort.

Compare our most affordable configuration; it still comes with a 10-year warranty compared to one to three years for the other brands.

Compare our prices; our customers save 20%-40% or more over comparable models in chain stores.

Compare our memory foam models; the most comfortable, fastest recovering, and most environmentally-friendly memory foam money can buy.

Compare our reputation; we offer the best aftercare anywhere at any price.

Bottom line: You can spend more, but dollar-for-dollar, you won't get a better quality product anywhere.