Firm, Plush or Pillowtop

Your Softness Depends on Your Sleeping Position

Choosing the right "comfort level" – or softness – for your new mattress is mostly a function of two dimensions:

Innerspring with surround support, memory foam, extra comfort layers and firm softness

Personal preference – Some people prefer to sleep a firm, taught surface, and others prefer to sink in. Often, it’s a matter of familiarity; we tend to like what we know best.

Sleeping position – Industry experts will suggest choosing based on your sleeping position, with stomach sleepers on firmer surfaces and side sleepers on softer surfaces.

Firm Mattress Plush Mattress Pillowtop Mattress

Sometimes finding the right softness is the most difficult part of the selection process. And stores make it harder by carrying so many models with similar feels, usually more distinctions than most people can detect.

The more your decision is based on personal preference the harder it is to make the right choice. So consider letting your sleeping position be your guide.

If you’re not sure, or if you’re shopping for a mattress that many different people will use (for example, a guest room or a vacation house), we recommend plush to suit the widest variety of sleeping positions.