Free Delivery

Nationwide "White Glove" Delivery Included!

Free DeliveryCreate-A-Mattress includes the cost of delivery in every price. Most mattresses are delivered via "White Glove" service including in-home setup; memory foam mattresses, folding/hinged box springs, and accessories are delivered via Fed-Ex or UPS.

Delivering a traditional innerspring mattress is not as simple as putting it in a box and slapping on a label. They're heavy and bulky at every step of the distribution chain.  

Delivery staff, dispatchers, trucks, insurance, and fuel are real costs to the company. Most stores charge around $100 per delivery, operating in a local area, and the cost to web retailers can be more than triple that. Whenever you see mattress companies promoting "free delivery" understand the cost of delivery is included somewhere in the price.  

Beware: many "free delivery" offers you see, especially online, are for curbside service - you have to bring it into the house yourself, or pay them extra on the spot to bring it inside.  (And most queen mattresses weigh over 75 pounds; kings are even heavier.) Or it may be limited to specific items, specific addresses, and specific delivery times.

At Create-A-Mattress, our full-service "white glove" delivery is included with every traditional coil, pocket coil, and latex mattress. And every item on this website has shipping included in the price.