Best Mattress Prices

Mattress Discounts 20%-40%!

mattress discountSome people assume it would cost more for a Create-A-Mattress made-to-order custom mattress than a traditional one from stock inventory, just as a custom suit costs more than one off the rack.

Maybe that means we could charge more.  But we don’t.

Mattress discounts are everywhere. We shop the competition, and our mattress discounts are consistently 20%-40% lower than theirs.  (Actually, some savings are much more than that!) And we don’t mean their highest, most-inflated prices; we compare our prices to their “good deal” prices a well-informed customer could negotiate and get, often after sale discounts.

Our prices for custom size mattresses are lower than stores charge for standard sizes!

We invite you to compare ours to theirs, feature for feature, dollar for dollar.  Nobody comes close to Create-A-Mattress for mattress discounts and total value.