Your Ten Year Mattress Warranty Terms

Rest Easy.

Isolation coil with surround support, latex, and firm pillowtopEvery New Mattress Comes with a genuine Ten-Year Warranty. Every mattress we sell comes with a ten year non-prorated manufacturers warranty from one of the major "S-Brands" against manufacturing defects.* Make sure to read your warranty card carefully, follow all instructions, save your receipt, and store them together in a safe place.

What’s Covered: Manufacturing defects, like seams or threads coming undone, springs puncturing the cover, or broken wooden rails in a box spring.

What’s NOT Covered: Body impressions (1.5” deep or under), shifting of materials due to wear, punctures or tears caused by a sharp object, or any damage caused by unusual use. Signs of unusual use include any stains, tears, discolorations, and geometrically shaped impressions.

How to Guard Against Stains from Accidental Spills

  • Use a mattress pad that provides protection against liquids, particularly for children and seniors. Modern mattress pads use advanced materials that feel like terricloth; they are light and undetectable. They are commonly available at bedding stores, department stores, and web sites.
  • Waterproof mattress padThis Platinum Mattress Protector offers excellent protection against accidental spills that can cause stains. And when you purchase it at the same time as your mattress, so they appear on the same receipt, it comes with a lifetime warranty ON THE MATTRESS. So if it ever fails and a spill damages the mattress while the platinum mattress protector is on, you are entitled to repair or replacement of the mattress itself.

Important Warranty Terms

  • You new innerspring mattress is designed to work together with the matching manufacturer’s box spring as a system. Using old box springs to support your new mattress will void your warranty. Just like you wouldn’t buy a new car and put old tires on it, you shouldn’t put a new mattress on an old box spring. (Exceptions include platform beds, bunk beds, and Bunkie boards.) Beware of store promotions that offer “free” or “mismatched” box springs; they are generally inferior quality and will void your warranty.
  • It is recommended that you rotate your new mattress head to foot periodically. For the first six months, rotate the mattress every two weeks. After that, rotate at least every twelve weeks. Doing so will reduce body impressions and prolong the comfort life of your mattress.
  • Queen, king, and some full size mattresses require a frame with a center support to maintain your warranty. Beware of store promotions that offer “free” frames; they are generally made from flimsy material and lack center supports, and therefore void your warranty.
  • DO NOT smoke in bed, and do not ever leave a candle unattended near a mattress. While your new mattress exceeds the new national fire safety standards that took effect in July, 2007, mattresses are not fireproof.
  • DO NOT try to rotate your mattress by yourself, to reduce the risk of personal injury.
  • DO NOT fold, bend, stand, or jump on your mattress.
  • DO NOT remove or tamper with the law tag label attached to the end of your mattress, or your warranty is void.
  • DO NOT attempt to use chemical cleaners, especially dry-cleaning type fluids, on your mattress.
  • DO NOT place a board between your mattress and your box spring, as this would interfere with the proper operation of your sleep system.
  • DO NOT store heavy objects or boxes on your mattress.

*Memory Foam mattresses have a 10 year warranty from their respective manufacturers.