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Isolation coil with surround support, bad back, and soft pillowtopOne of the largest retailers in America has a terrible reputation in the market. Sleepy's, which also owns and operates 1800mattress and, has a track record of consumer complaints over many years.

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These are not our words, they're the words of law enforcement, consumer advocacy groups, and shoppers. While we are not certifying the accuracy or truthfulness of any posts, we're struck by the large volume and consistent patterns to the complaints. Before you buy from a mattress chain store, reading these posts could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and countless sleepless nights.

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* The charges were eventually dropped, prompting a local journalist to comment, "This was the first time in my 40 years at The Courant that an investigation by the Attorney General was withheld from the public." The column never appeared in the Courant, and the journalist was fired for writing it, raising questions for some whether Sleepy's (one of the paper's biggest advertisers, and one of the state's largest businesses) influenced the investigation and the reporting.