Mattress Sizes

Create-A-Mattress in any standard size or contact us for custom sizes

The standard mattress sizes are:

  • Custom Size Mattresses
    in any length or width, delivered nationwide in about three weeks!
  • Twin 38” x 75” – Perfect for singles, kids rooms, guest rooms, vacation house, anywhere space is limited.
  • Twin XL 38” x 80” – Great for single adults, college students, or for people who want to combine two to make a king
  • Full 54” x 75” – (used to be called a “double”) Extra room for a single to spread out, or for a cozy couple in urban areas or small bedrooms
  • Full XL 54” x 80” – Very uncommon, generally used for adults in unusually-shaped rooms that are narrow and long
  • Queen 60” x 80” – The most common size, best suited for a couple in a typical bedroom
  • King 76” x 80” – Extra space for sharing with kids and/or pets.
  • California King 72” x 84” – Popularized as a replacement for waterbeds, narrower and longer than a regular king.
  • European King 70” x 78” – Converted from 180cm x 200cm for international furniture.
  • European Queen 63” x 78” – Converted from 160cm x 200cm for international furniture.
  • European Twin 35” x 75” – Converted from 90cm x 190cm for international furniture.

Things to consider about mattress size:

  • Most people want the largest size their room will accommodate.
  • Remember to measure your bedroom, and leave room for doors to swing drawers to open, and for tucking in sheets, blankets and comforter.
  • Avoid placing your mattress too close to windows and heat/AC sources
  • If you’re changing sizes, you’ll need new sheets and a mattress pad
  • If you’re fitting into bedroom furniture, check the height on the model you choose, and select a low-profile box spring and/or frame if necessary
Bed Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38" x 75" Starts at $369
Twin Extra Long 38" x 80" Starts at $419
Full 54" x 75" Starts at $419
Full Extra Long 54" x 80" Call 888-412-7328
Queen 60" x 80" Starts at $429
King 76" x 80" Starts at $539
California King 72" x 84" Starts at $539
European King
180cm x 200cm
70" x 78" Starts at $1,029
BROWSE Euro Kings
European Queen
160cm x 200cm
63" x 78" Starts at $1,029
BROWSE Euro Queens
European Twin
90cm x 190cm
35" x 75" Starts at $679
BROWSE Euro Twins
All measurements within 1/2".