You'll Flip for Our One-Sided Mattresses

Built from the Ground Up for Comfort

One-Sided MattressesOne-sided mattresses mean saying goodbye to the days of straining yourself to turn over a big, heavy mattress. New one-sided mattresses never have to be flipped; they're built in layers from the ground up for lasting comfort and support.

If you haven't shopped for a mattress in a while, this could be a surprise. For many years, mattresses were commonly two-sided. Around 2000 one major brand introduced one-sided mattresses, and the other brands quickly followed. In research, most customers said they weren’t flipping their mattresses anyway, and considered the idea of a “no-flip” mattress to be an advantage. These days, no matter where you shop, two-sided mattresses have virtually disappeared from the market.

Today’s one-sided mattresses can be engineered with modern materials, like latex foam and visco memory foam, in a specific layered sequence. As a result, one-sided mattresses are thicker, and heavier than before because there’s more “good stuff” inside. That extra weight makes them much harder to lift anyway, so few people could flip them over even if they tried, especially for king or even queen sizes.

All Create-A-Mattress custom made mattresses, like all major brand mattresses, are one-sided. We recommend rotating them head to foot for even wear, starting every few weeks at the beginning, then a couple times a year (according to the care instructions). We know you’ll agree these one-sided mattresses are the most comfortable, and most supportive you’ve ever tried.