Yours and Yours Alone.

Never Worry Who's Slept with Your Mattress

Some ask if these mattresses are truly made to order? Yes, absolutely!

When you order, we make the mattress just for you. We keep no standing inventory. And we never, ever, ever sell a mattress that's been used in any way.

Create-A-Mattress offers over 1,000 possible combinations!  We have evaluated each combination, and determined which can move smoothly through the factory equipment and pass all legal regulations, so those have been tested and verified in advance for quality.

Personalized label

Create-A-Mattress is designed to help customers focus on the meaningful construction differences so you can make a sensible choice that’s right for you.  We expose the myths of mattress retailing and give you everything you need to make an informed choice. Every Create-A-Mattress sleep system comes with your name on the label* so you always know the mattress you’re receiving is the one you ordered, and nobody else’s.

*Personalized labels on inner-spring mattresses only. © Create-A-Mattress LLC 2010. All rights reserved.