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Understanding Visco Memory Foam Mattresses

best Memory foam mattress Memory foam is a relatively new material that has jumped in popularity in recent years.

Visco memory foam has several beneficial properties:
  1. Memory foam conforms to the shape of your body
  2. Memory foam returns to its original shape when you get up
  3. Memory foam is temperature sensitive, warming from your body heat
  4. Memory foam provides a sensation of weightlessness. Some people describe it as a feeling of floating.

Memory foam mattresses come in both “slab” style, and as a layer within a traditional innerspring mattress. Sleeping on a memory foam slab mattress is a distinctly different feeling than sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress.

When used as a layer inside a traditional innerspring mattress, the same properties are provided to a lesser degree, to give a luxurious feeling without the sensation of weightlessness.

While memory foam mattresses compete aggressively on price, often giving the impression that all the materials are the same, there are important differences in memory foam slab mattresses.

At Create-A-Mattress, our memory foam mattresses are the world's best memory foam mattresses, part of a new class of memory foam we call “Generation 2.0.” Tips for shopping for visco memory foam slab mattresses:

Memory foam with microsuedeThickness – Memory foam mattresses are commonly priced based on their thickness. All visco memory foam mattresses have a combination of memory foam on the top, and a base foam underneath. Most visco memory foam mattresses have two to four inches of visco on top, and the rest is a traditional foam. Make sure you know their ratio; often a thicker mattress has the same amount of visco memory foam, with additional base foam accounting for the entire difference.

Density – Visco memory foams are measured based on their weight for a given volume. For example, “three-pound” memory foam means that a 12-inch cube of raw material would weigh three pounds. It’s not a measure of softness (which is measured in "ILD" or Initial Load Deflection), or thickness. A heavier density provides a more substantial feeling and is considered higher quality.

Temperature Sensitivity – While the best-known brand of visco memory foam, popularized through infomercials, is named partially on the word “temperature,” some users complain about overheating. Therefore, most brands now talk about cooling features that dissipate the heat rather than retain it.

Responsiveness – Visco memory foam is closely associated with the famous image of a palm print in the foam after the hand is lifted. However, while you want the foam to conform for comfort, you also want it to quickly return to its original shape, or else you can’t easily roll over or shift positions during the night. Responsiveness is an indication of how quickly it snaps back into shape.

Source – Insist on visco memory foam that is made in the United States. The cheapest visco memory foam prices are virtually all made in Asia. Beware before buying a foreign visco memory foam mattress, as they are reputed to have strange odors, oily textures, and often have inconsistencies in density from head to foot due to sloppy manufacturing processes. The domestic market for visco memory foam now competes very well on price, and offers a noticeably higher quality level even than the famous infomercial brand, without odor problems and without oily residues. Even if it’s a few dollars more, it’s well worth it.

Our Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Soft, odorless, and responsive
  • Three-pound or greater density
  • Cool covers and mixtures that dissipate heat
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Chemical-free processes
  • Fast-response formulations that return to shape almost immediately.

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