Hospitality and Hotel

Guest Rooms and Bedrooms!

We are proud to partner with finer hotels, motels, bed+breakfasts, and luxury lodging across the United States. For custom sizes, or standard queens and kings, guests can sleep like royalty while traveling. And can also bring it home with our residential programs.

Inn at Hastings Park Hotel Mattress
The Inn at Hastings Park
Lexington, MA.

Philip Cheney House
The Historic Philip Cheney House (1900)
Manchester, CT.

Rabbit Ears Motel
The Rabbit Ears Motel
Steamboat Springs, CO.

All of our top quality mattresses are made to last, using the processes and techniques as the major brands.

  1. Nationwide Delivery
  2. Top Materials and Methods
  3. Commitment to Customer Service Excellence
  4. Best-Selling Styles
  5. Made in the USA