Best Quality Mattresses

The Perfect Mattress. Perfect for you, that is.

Plush innerspring with memory foamCreate-A-Mattress is different. Even if you’ve been disappointed with private label products before, you’re going to love your mattress from Create-A-Mattress.

All of our inner-spring mattresses are made in the same factory and to the same "spec" as a major "S-brand." That means all the same materials, equipment, and skilled staff. There are no compromises anywhere. Our mattresses have an alternate fabric (called "ticking"); other than that, absolutely everything else is exactly the same.

10-Year Warranty

We’ll prove it with the best warranty in the industry. Every mattress is covered for at least 10 years (non-prorated) against all manufacturing defects.

100% Made in the USA

All Create-A-Mattress sleep systems are made in America and exceed all US regulatory requirements for quality and safety (yes, there are safety standards for mattresses, primarily fire safety). When you buy cheap knock-offs made overseas, you never know what chemicals you’re sleeping with, what filler materials were thrown in, or how flammable they are. Buying American products assures you of quality, accelerates our economic recovery, and keeps our country hard at work.

White Glove Delivery and Setup Included

All our Create-A-Mattress innerspring prices include "white glove" delivery and setup. That means you can expect a confirmation call with a delivery date and time, when two capable people will carefully carry your mattress up to your bedroom, set it up, and dispose of all the packaging. If you would like your old mattress removed, just select that option during checkout.

Save Hundreds Over the Chain Stores

So now that you know Create-A-Mattress products are made with the same high quality materials and processes as a famous "S-brand," come with a 10-year warranty, are all made in the USA, and come with "white glove" delivery and setup, what could possibly be better?

How about saving 20%-40% or more? That’s right, Create-A-Mattress products cost hundreds less than comparable branded models at the chain stores and furniture showrooms.

Some people expect it would cost more for a Create-A-Mattress than a traditional mattress from stock inventory, just like a custom suit costs more than one off the rack.

Maybe we could charge more. But we don’t.

We shop the competition, and our prices are consistently 20%-40% better than theirs. We don’t mean their highest, most-inflated price; we compare to "good deal" prices a well-informed customer could get.

We invite you to compare ours to theirs, feature for feature, dollar for dollar. Nobody beats Create-A-Mattress for total value.