Best Mattress for Bad Back

Extra Features Reduce Lower Back Pain

best mattress for bad backWhat do you think makes the best mattress for a bad back?

Tens of millions of Americans suffer back pain, nearly 4 out of every 5 adults. Persistent back pain can create a serious sleep problem, making it difficult to fall asleep, and painful to wake up.

So Create-A-Mattress offers the best mattress for a bad back. Our pioneering Bad Back Mattress Packages™ feature four different support systems to reduce lower back pain. Each includes:

  • Special layers of latex, memory foam, or both
  • Additional comfort padding
  • "Zoned" construction for extra support in the lumbar region

Choose one of these mattress feature groups during configuration, or pick one of these finished models at a package price.

  • Bad Back Mattress Package Bronze Bronze – Zoned coil system, extra comfort padding inside, a layer of latex in the lumbar back area, and a plush pillowtop. $609 delivered for a queen size set.
  • Bad Back Mattress Package SilverSilver – An upgraded zoned coil system, extra extra comfort padding inside, a quadruple thick layer of latex and a layer of visco memory foam. Choose firm, plush, or soft pillowtop! $1,159 delivered for a queen size set.
  • Bad back package latexGold – Indulge yourself and treat your back to a pure latex core for lasting relief of pressure points, plus over five additional inches of latex foam in the comfort layers, including a lumbar back support layer. $3,099 delivered for a queen size set.

Though many people report immediate and sustained relief of chronic back pain with our mattresses, there are no miracle cures. Back pain is a function of a wide array of factors, and if your symptoms limit your ability to do everyday tasks, see a healthcare professional.